Genetic Lifestyle Engineering  


Use your Saliva (or Blood) to know what your GENES want to tell you. Everything there is to know about your GENES with current technology is at the tip of a swab that will be used to collect DNA from the inside of your cheek. An accurate, swift and accredited laboratory will deliver more than 500 reports in 28 working days.

The 83-page results will be comprehensible in simple lay terms but the science behind them is strong.

More than 31 million points in your DNA will be analyzed and the report will be an 83-page book! The part of your DNA that is sequenced is the so-called EXOME that contains more than 85% of all known disease associations, so it is pretty extensive in terms of covering almost all risk areas and provide actionable information to safeguard your future health.

Valuable information about your ancestry, physical, gender, behavioral, personality, success traits, music and dance traits will reveal your true self. How you respond to drugs, pollution, your common disease risk, your cancer risk, your dementia and brain risks, all will be displayed for your future health management. Finally, the risk of transmitting genetic conditions to your future children will be revealed so you can lay out your future family planning.

You will learn about personal diet and nutrition, wellbeing and sleep, skin care, sport and exercise as well as personalized fitness.

As a parent you will obtain genetic information related your children’s diverse capabilities that might be of help to discern their athletic prowess, their possible musical talents, their character attributes and their learning abilities and thus finetune your support to activities that might offer the greatest return on time and money invested.

Do not surrender your health

This is the only way with actionable steps to reach your full Genetic Potential. The results could help you reshape your potential and shield yourself from age related degradation. Stop CAMOUFLAGE tactics like hair dyeing and expensive clothes to conceal your age and invest in the only thing you OWN, your own body. The best accessories are beautiful muscles and a strong and healthy body. Nothing beats that. Not even age.

Resist and Learn. Learn how to defend your health from the Quacks selling snake oil. Educate yourself about your health risks and bring the results to medical professionals that can help you to plan for a healthy life ahead.​ Whoever negates the power of genetics seeks to defraud you!

Whoever denies you ​

All our THREE (3) most advanced genetic tests are available through our customer service representatives

your right to education seeks to control you through perpetuated ignorance.

and can be bought as the ReVitaeLife Infinite package at attractive rates. (click)


Genetic Health Proactive Screening

that includes in depthcardiovascular diseases and cancer genetic testing. (click)


Exome Genetic Lifestyle Engineering

by THAI StemVitae Circle DNA with more than 500 reports on everything about your genes.


Carrier Screening Family Planning

for more than 300 conditions that include all recommended conditions by the AOCG

and ACMG. (click)

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