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We are Asia's largest network of cord blood banks

and 4th largest private stem cell bank in the WORLD!

THAI StemLife is the Leading, Largest and First Private Stem Cell Bank in the Mekong Region with its HQ in Bangkok and permanent offices in Myanmar and Cambodia, as well as exclusive agents in Laos and Vietnam. Its affiliate, Cordlife owns the largest network of cord blood banks in Asia with full stem cell processing and storage facilities in six key markets namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and the Philippines. In Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia, Cordlife operates the largest private cord blood banks. It is amongst the top three market leaders in India and Malaysia. By January 2018, Cordlife became the market leader in Hong Kong with the acquisition of the private cord blood bank in the country, HealthBaby Biotech (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Together, we are the 4th LARGEST bank worldwide!

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Hong Kong & Macau






THAI Stemlife Counties 

Cordlife Countries

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