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The foundation of our success has always been the pursuit of Scientific Truth through independent research. We do not claim, we do not overstate, we do not have subjective opinions or vague beliefs. As Medical Professionals, we only test SCIENCE.

  • Our aim and passion are to help others.

  • Our unyielding goal is to save lives.

  • Our lifelong commitment is doing what is right for the individual.

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We firmly believe that EXPERIENCE is created through personal relentless hard work and there is no substitute for it.

Our hundreds of stem cell releases witness our success and we feel humble in being able to be a part of the joy of our members.

We seek scientific backing for all our words and actions. We rely on internationally available research but firmly believe that self-participation breeds innovation and supports independence, self-growth, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency especially when a crisis happens. This is why THAI StemLife has focused on creating its own research that has been published in high impact peer-reviewed journals. Our seminal world first publication in the use of Cord Blood and G-CSF in Cerebral Palsy that transformed the lives of those two toddlers for a decade now is still cited in every new research article published in the same field. Our research with the Police General Hospital in using own adult stem cells in early Osteoarthritis and prevention of arthroplasty has vastly improved the quality of life of the participants and our three trials are continuously being extensively cited due to their sheer size and high standard of execution. Our research in diabetic ulcer healing and prevention of amputation has received the NIA 2006 top innovation award. Our research in curative bone marrow transplantations after PGD-HLA in Thalassemia has saved the lives of 12 children and is the first and largest in Asia and one of the rare few worldwide!

THAI StemLife services are saving lives, transforming lives, improving the quality of life of our members, and ultimately helps them identify potential health issues early through actionable novel genetic and innovative cancer testing.

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