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THAI StemLife is the first private and largest stem cell bank in Thailand with storage facilities in the country, founded in 2005 with the vision to be the leading stem cell bank in Thailand and SE Asia by striving to achieve excelling industry standards and to provide state-of-the-art comprehensive banking stem cell services.


Moreover, as the first and largest private health management institute with innovative genetic testing services both in the pre-, and postconceptional stage as well as postnatally and in adults we strive to employ our services to prevent disease.


Furthermore, as the exclusive providers of groundbreaking cancer testing services, we endeavor to achieve early detection of cancer diseases to allow maximum reaction time for clinicians and patients.


Our relentless adherence to innovative research is witnessed in our extensive publication list as the only way to ethically reach our vision. Our mission is to seamlessly integrate all our services to allow for maximum quality of life through disease prevention and accessibility to stem cell treatments.

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